3 approaches on how to build a WooCommerce shop

Recently one of my clients wanted to know more about different ways to build a WooCommerce shop. In this post I’ll compare some common ways to accomplish this. In general there are three different strategies: Buying a WooCommerce theme from a marketplace and customize it Using a free or licensed theme as parent theme and

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How to make a WooCommerce registration email blacklist

For whatever reason it can be useful to block specific email addresses from account registration in WooCommerce. To accomplish this you need an email blacklist. With only a few lines of code you can check if the entered email address is listed in your blacklist even before a user account is generated and echo an

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How to add custom columns to WooCommerce orders table in WordPress backend

Adding custom cols to the orders table can be very useful for shop managers and admins. If you use some kind of invoice or shipping plugin, you probably don’t want to click in each order to see if there is already a shipping label or an invoice created. So what you want to do is

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