5 Tools for WordPress plugin development

WordPress plugin development isn’t too hard, but it can quickly become a bit overwhelming for beginners. To help you get started, I’ve put together a list of tools and links that will help you develop your first plugin:

1. Plugin Developer Handbook

Introduction to Plugin Development

This is the official WordPress resource for plugin development. It’s well written and more or less your “bible” when it comes to plugin development.

2. Step by step guide from codeable.io


A very good an short guide on how to write your first plugin.

3. Boilerplate generator


This is an easy to you boilerplate tool for your first plugin which creates all the files you’ll need for a basic plugin.

4. Post Type Generator



With this tool you can generate php code for your plugin’s custom post types.

5. Meta Box Generator

WordPress Meta Box Generator

With this tool you can generate php code for the meta boxes of your newly created custom post types.


If you’re interested in developing a custom plugin or a custom theme, ckeck out toptotal’s artcile on “How to Hire a Great WordPress Developer”.












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