How to save storage space by deregistering and deleting unused WP image size variations

Warning: Only follow this guide, if you know what you’re doing. Deregistering and deleting image variations can lead to missing images and broken links. Many themes and plugins are registering and using more than the default WordPress images sizes. Please backup your files and database before starting this process. Hosting isn’t this expensive anymore, non

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3 approaches on how to build a WooCommerce shop

Recently one of my clients wanted to know more about different ways to build a WooCommerce shop. In this post I’ll compare some common ways to accomplish this. In general there are three different strategies: Buying a WooCommerce theme from a marketplace and customize it Using a free or licensed theme as parent theme and

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How to change the default contact information fields of your WordPress users

By default WordPress comes with a set of fields where users can place their contact information such as email-address, website url and links to their social media accounts. If you need another field or don’t need  one of the default fields, you can simply add or remove them with this little code snippet. function new_contactmethods(

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